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Romans 12:2
Encouragement to fulfill God's purpose through Practical Life Application and Navigation


“I just completed the Declutter Now! Devotional on the YouVersion Bible app. At first I was looking for Biblical principals for how to declutter my home. I have recently become a stay at home Mom and was looking for inspiration to take care of things unattended to for many years.

Wow! Was I pleasantly surprise and intrigued more each day to learn that Decluttering is such a spiritual action of mind, body and possessions. Your insight and devotional has helped me to put many things in a more Godly perspective and I have much to share with others in my fellowship. Looking forward now to diving into your website and learning, growing and changing evermore to the glory of our God.”

-Heather, Declutter Now! 30 Day Devotional YouVersion reader, April 2015


“Because of women’s retreat this past weekend and the passionate and motivating speaker, my daughter and I took a 30 minute walk today! Starting to declutter my life and make time for exercise and teaching my daughter important life habits!”

-Attendee, Turning Leaf Church Ladies Retreat, March 2015


“I especially benefited from the message on decluttering friendships. It made me do serious self examination as to why I was keeping some folks around when they clearly were not as committed to our friendship. Thank you.”

-Family Life Radio listener, January 2015


“Removing clutter from my life (physical, mental) can be freeing! It was an awesome study, easy to relate to and apply in my life!”

– Melissa, small group study guide participant, December 2013


“I just want to thank you guys! I didn’t think it would open me up and stimulate my mind & it did.”

– Renee, small group study guide participant, December 2013


“I enjoyed that it (the study guide) started with material things so easily relatable. That made it easier to see how our “stuff” is much like our relationships, etc. Keep doing what you are doing! Write a second book!”

– Monica, small group study guide participant, December 2013


“I thought of clutter as a physical thing; I was pleasantly surprised. Who knew all of the clutter was hindering my relationship with God?!”

– Lindsey, small group study guide participant, December 2013


“Lindon and Sherry have given a true gift through the Declutter Now! study. It is a practical process, rooted in biblical principles, that will help followers of Christ structure their lives to be poised for radical obedience. I see this study unleashing people to serve in the church more passionately, give of themselves more generously, advance the gospel more broadly, and love people more freely.”

-Nick Ford, Senior Pastor, Northern Hills Community Church 6/18/13


Hello, my friend,
I thank you, over and over.. !
I did sign onto your website, for your daily emails. I look forward to them, they will be a blessing to me! I so need scripture and have the desire to be around Christians… IRON SHARPENS IRON… so true ! I know the difference; I know you do too. 🙂
Sherry, I need to express to you how you have inspired me..
You have supported me, and loved me, as I work through my stuff. … you have not tried to control the situation, but allowed God / and the Holy Spirit to lead. Grace is much appreciated.
Much Love…

– A Life Coaching Client 1/16/2013


So after reading Declutter Now!, I examined my life. I was already reasonable on keeping “stuff” cleaned out, but have stepped that up a notch. Mostly, though, I’ve been focusing on my calendar. Three months ago, I’d only have a couple days a month when I spent most of it at home. Now I regularly have 2-3 days per week! A HUGE change and it feels so good. I have to say “No” and “Sorry” to a lot of great stuff, but I have more time for what I know I need to be busy doing including one-on-one time with my kids and writing.

– Carrie Daws, Author of Crossing Values and Ryan’s Crossing  11/8/2012



“I received my book in the mail today and can’t seem to put it down. Thank you so much! I can honestly say that this is a blessing to me at this point in my life. I have connected with every sentence and every paragraph and verse. Thank You both for touching me and reaching out a hand to someone who truly needed it; much love to you both ♥”

– Rhonda Henderson, Facebook Fan  9/18/2012


“Declutter Now! is the right book at the right time. In today’s society, where more is touted as better, it can be difficult to cut through all the excess and uncover what really matters, but Declutter Now! lends a much needed hand. Packed with helpful tips, encouragement, humor, and personal stories, the reader will have no trouble figuring out that less can truly be more; more of what matters and means the most. Declutter every area of your life and enjoy more time, energy, freedom, finances, and joy to serve God. With each chapter covering a different area of your life, there’s something for everyone. Let Declutter Now! help you start living a decluttered life today.”

 —Lindsey Holder, Former Celebrity Assistant,

Style Blogger at lindseyholder.com



“Declutter Now! reminded me that even baby steps are steps in the right direction. I may not have the time or energy to clean out a whole room, but I can clean out one drawer or one shelf of a closet. And when done consistently, each baby step adds up to a whole lot of forward motion!”

—Carrie Daws, author of

Crossing Values and Ryan’s Crossing


“This book is born out of the real-life lessons of people just like you. Far from yet another how-to book, this is a philosophy of life that will bring you new levels of freedom…it will help you live the life God intended.”

—Dr. Brett Carlson, Executive Pastor, Mountain Ridge Church



“Sherry and Lindon have found a wonderful means of taking the elements of real life concerns and putting them into simple layman’s terms for any individual to apply immediately to their given circumstances. The examples provided, and sharing of their own stories, lends to the reader the prospect to relate to the authors. More importantly this relatedness provides for a more driven focus to occur where there is an ability to come to the other side of circumstances and have a dependence on God to bring them through. This vulnerability helps each of us remember that the Lord holds us in His hands always and with our willingness to listen and be open to a taking a step of faith we can experience the many blessings that await for us!”

—Rebecca A. Richey, MAEd, MC, NCC PhD (ABD)



“Lindon and Sherry Gareis as individuals give God the reins to their lives on a daily basis. As partners in a leadership capacity they are a dynamic duo; always prepared, guiding lives through the word of God, and loving every member of their group unconditionally.”

Angie & Shawn Olwell, Small Group Members, Glendale, AZ


“I love the way Sherry and Lindon share their own personal struggles rather than just preaching to the audience about what they should do. ”

Suzanne Berger 



“Wow. The chapter on relationships, Lovers, Lifesavers, Leeches, Losers, and Lost Causes, has definitely brought to light a few things for me. Even within the first few paragraphs, I found myself acknowledging which of my relationships were building me up and which were tearing me down. Decluttering this area of my life may not be easy, but I see how necessary it is.”

Kevin Fenderson 



“I had the pleasure of previewing Chapter 8, Soul Searching, and was immediately drawn in and wanted more. Absolutely can’t wait to read the whole book! Just from reading this chapter, I believe Declutter Now!  is going to be a “must-read” for anyone wanting to pursue the most fulfilling journey with God possible. I’ll be recommending it to everyone I know!”

Cindy Lockwood


“Thank you Sherry & Lindon for allowing me to preview Chapter 4, If the Buck Stops, What Can you Start? and I can’t wait to read the entire book! It is a wonderful book for everyone! God Bless both of you.”

Denise Paprocki  



“I love the book. I love how God puts EXACTLY what you need in your life JUST when you need it!”

Nannette Dayton  



“I absolutely love what has been written by Sherry and Lindon regarding decluttering your life! Taking necessary steps to guard and protect your family is so important and I like that they give examples on how to go about accomplishing that. The meaningful relationships that are in your life need nurturing and if you are so consumed by the negative people in your life, you will lose sight of that!”

Tara Caracciolo