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Romans 12:2
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The 30 Day Face-Off

Are you interested in reconnecting with your spouse or rekindling that lost spark? Maybe you’d just like a little extra ‘ooomph’? Even the best relationships can use a boost or recharge. Here are four ‘Love Boosters’ to practice EVERY DAY for 30 Days. The goal is to get you and your spouse Face to Face, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Take The 30 Day Face-Off and enjoy marriage changing results!

1. Kiss for 30 seconds. This may sound like a simple task but you’d be surprised how challenging this can be. The kiss must be for 30 CONSECUTIVE seconds – not 23 or 27. 30! This also doesn’t mean 15, 2 second pecks spread over the day or 10, 3 second smooches scattered about. 30 FULL SECONDS…at one time. Enjoy yourselves!

2. Ask each other one thoughtful, inquisitive, below the surface question. “How did your day go?” doesn’t cut it. Show that you’re interested, that you’re paying attention and that you care. Make an effort. Be intentional. Strive to learn about your spouse.

3. Offer a sincere compliment or loving act of kindness. “Your eyes are pretty” is NOT exactly what we’ve got in mind, unless of course you’ve never mentioned them before. Thank your spouse for something you might often take for granted or support and encourage them in something they’re undertaking. Perhaps offer a foot or back massage. This is the perfect time for a ‘just cuz’ gift. Those are the best because they aren’t obligatory for a special occasion – they are ‘just cuz’ you love your wife or husband. Be creative.

4. Pray WITH and FOR each other. Some couples pray together regularly but others have never prayed together outside of saying grace for a family meal. Whether you’re seasoned veterans or newbies at this, set aside prayer time each day to pray together. Pray for your spouse, your marriage, your family and anything else which comes to mind. There are no time minimums or limits and no stringent rules to follow. Just lift your husband or wife up before the Lord; let them hear your love and your heart. Praying together is one of most intimate, bonding experiences a couple can enjoy. Whether comfortable or awkward, don’t pass on this ‘Love Booster’. It’s well worth it!



The idea is to stretch above & beyond the norm.

During The 30 Day Face-Off, each of you may have to occasionally remind the other of a missed ‘Love Booster’. While this may feel frustrating and seem self-defeating, remember the ultimate objective. You’re both on the same team and working towards the same common goal – growing your relationship and taking it up a notch – so don’t underestimate the value of camaraderie. By the same token, though, make sure your effort is worthy. Give it your best shot and be an asset to your team!

Print out several copies of the four ‘Love Boosters’ and post them where they’ll be easily seen – the bathroom mirror, fridge, car dash, on your computer at work, etc. Set yourself, and your relationship, up for success!

They say it takes 30 days to break an old habit or start a new one. The ‘Love Boosters’ above are a welcome addition to ANY relationship. They promote oneness, intimacy, care, concern, effort and attention. Start including them in your daily routine today and reap the benefits they’ll create forever.

Click here to download The 30 Day Face-Off.

We encourage you to share this page with your family and friends. Challenge them all to take The 30 Day Face-Off!

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